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Hello and welcome to my photography website, Pure Visions Photography. I’m so happy you have taken a moment to view my work and to search out more information about my photography business.


First, let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Andrea and I’m from a small town roughly 30 minutes north of Springfield, Mo. I am happily married to my husband Chase.  We have a sweet four legged family member, his name is Sam.  Let me begin by telling you a little about myself.


My background and degree are in Early Childhood Education. I’ve always had a special place for children and from a young age I knew I would work with children in some capacity.  During college and a few months after college, I worked in a licensed and accredited daycare. Soon after I graduated I was hired to work in a public school. I began my teaching career as a Title 1 teacher and eventually took on the responsibilities as an Instructional Coach to the staff.  I stayed with this same school district for 5 years and loved every minute of working with children. In the process of teaching and my friends having adorable babies, I picked up a point and shoot camera, iPhone and iPad (yes, an iPad) and began taking pictures. I downloaded a few photo editing apps and ventured into this world of photography. No, this wasn’t a love or passion from the time I was young, but more of an impromptu discovery that has truly blessed my life. After careful consideration and prayer I made a change in careers and left my teaching position.  I then took a job at Prime Trucking.  The position at Prime came at the most opportune time. However, shortly after starting my new job it was clear that I missed being with children. So again, my husband and I began to pray and for doors to be opened so that I might be able to make yet another career change – life sure likes to throw curve balls. So here I am, I’m staying home to build my photography business and very soon looking to re-enter the education world as a part-time substitute teacher.  I launched my photography business publicly in the Fall of 2015 and it has blown me away at how quickly it has grown.


With a love for children, passion to see them thrive and a camera around my neck, I would love to be your next photographer. Please don’t hesitate to contact me via phone, text, email or private messaging me from my Facebook business page. You won’t be sorry you contacted me for your next life event. All I want for my clients, are quality photos at a price that everyone can afford and most importantly a vision that will last a lifetime. Thank you and have a blessed day!