Welcome to Pure Visions Photography
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Welcome to Pure Visions Photography

Hey everyone, it’s Andrea!  I’m here to say hey and welcome you to my first blog entry.  I’m pretty excited about the future and super excited to share all things photography with you and your family.  My goal now is to write to you (my existing clients and new clients) twice a month to begin.  As time passes, I may bump up my entries but let’s say for the sake of being new to this world of “blogging” that we stick with twice a month. 😉
Well, where do I begin…I’m 31 and a full-time picture taker.  I love kids and families!  I have a degree in Early Childhood Education and have always been passionate about kiddos.  You could say my emphasis is the little ones but don’t be mistaken, I love families too!  Go checkout my gallery and stay tuned for tips and tricks on why pictures are so important to you and your family.
Faith, Family and Photography
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